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We Need You!

Three Rivers Festival Scholarship Organization depends on the support of our partners, donors, and volunteers.  Without the financial and hands on support of our local communities, we could not offer our invaluable support and mentorship to our titleholders.

For more information on getting involved with Miss Three Rivers Festival, please email Eva White at

How Can I Get Involved?


Discounted and/or donated services from our local communities go a long way in the success of our program. 

Partnerships can take many forms from food sponsors for local events, meeting space for holding mock interview panels, even discounted salon or attire shops. Softening these expenses means more money can be allocated to scholarship rewards.

For more information on getting involved, please email Eva White at


Our scholarship funds awarded each year are solely driven by the donations of our support team. 

 If you'd like to show your support financially, we encourage you to use our secure donations link below.


If financial support isn't your preference, on hand volunteers are always welcome!

Throughout our year of preparation for Miss Indiana, we lean heavily on volunteers from our community.

For more information on getting involved, please email Eva White at


 Three Rivers Festival Partners


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